Design & Construction

Noblitt Pond, before.
Noblitt Pond, after.

Backyard or Business?

We provide our clients with personalized attention. Pond Elegance is the right place for your new koi pond or water feature. We support gardeners, landscape professionals, families, and businesses.

Few pond builders have 20 years of pond and water feature experience. Our team has a true sense of the art of construction and design on ponds and aquascapes.

Existing Architecture & Landscape?

Where should your pond be located? Are there trees around? How close is it to the house or other buildings? Is it susceptible to adjacent property water flow?

These are just a few of the considerations our professionals use when designing and building a pond. Our pond builders and designers will go through all necessary precautions and concerns, with you, before you make your final decision.

How big?

​What will the width, length, and depth of your pond be? Based on that calculation, what kind of equipment do you need? With the help of our builders and designers, Pond Elegance will determine the equipment you need to keep your pond as clear and carefree as possible.

With Aquascape or Without?

We have the experience of putting finishing touches around ponds. We can build walkways that give access to and surround your pond. We select the appropriate plants to adorn the pond and position them appropriately to bring a sense of nature to your pond area.

Custom Design & Construction

  • New Pond
  • Pond Rebuild
  • Water Features
    • Ponds
    • Pondless
    • Fountainscapes
    • Waterfalls
  • Hardscapes
    • Pergulas
    • Decks
    • Walkways
    • Leveling & Steps
    • Bridges
    • Outdoore Fireplaces
    • Firepits